Blog Coaching

Athletes have trainers, musicians have teachers, and bloggers need coaches. For many entrepreneurs and businesses, blogging is a newfound adventure. It’s also the most dynamic, effective discipline to building your platform as a business.

I provide half-hour coaching sessions with bloggers to increase their blogging potential and future blogging strategy. This is a basic overview of what is covered in my sessions:

  • Review of recent posts – Part of knowing where you’re going is knowing where you’ve been.
  • Grammar and punctuation – You’d be surprised how many bloggers still need help in this area!
  • Paragraph structure and theme
  • Writing focus to fit target audience
  • Increasing followers and potentially monetizing their interest
  • Setting up an editorial calendar (What’s that? Find out here.)
  • And much more!

I have worked with bloggers across the nation over the past three years to develop their blogging platforms. Investing in a blog coach is an invaluable step into your blogging potential.

Do you need a blogging coach?

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